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Manganese Deficiency

Potassium Deficiency

Nitrogen Deficiency

N = Nitrogen(N)  for growth and lush vegetation.

P  =Phosphorus(P2O2)for fruiting and flowering.

K  =Potassium(K2O)  for Strength and hardiness.

​    These are the start of fertilizers your plants will be craving. They are not the only one's that are necessary for the health or beauty of your gardens. Calcium(Ca), Magnesium(Mg), Sulfur(S), Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe), Manganese(Mn), Zinc(Zn), ect...., are also beneficial to what most people forget helps keep their gardens looking and lasting time. 

Zinc Deficiency

Calcium Def

Oxygen Deficiency

Phosphorus Deficiency

mag Def

Sulfur deficiency

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