​​​Mikes Nursery and Hydroponic Growing Supplies
199 East Fairmount Ave. 
Lakewood, NY  14750


Mikes Nursery carries a variety of mulch.

bagged Mulch  (2 cubic feet)
pine bark mulch, nuggets and mini nuggets,
scotts red brown and

black mulch

, cypress mulch,
red ,brown
and black cedar mulch
, black pearl mulch

, shredded hardwood mulch

cocoa shell mulch

*we do not recommend cocoa shell mulch if you have pets,
such as a dog, as it is toxic if ingested!

Shedded straw

Composted Cow Manure – Our composted cow manure is a natural fertilizer collected and composted. Mixed 1.1.1. compared to most of the competition mixed at .5.5.5 makes our composted cow manure an excellent source of natural fertilizer. Once composted it is bagged in 40# bags at our bagging facilities.

Top Soil – Our topsoil is a mixture of soil, composted cow manure, sand and other ingredients. Used as a top dressing, and patching lawns with bare spots. Our topsoil is ideal for filling holes and leveling low areas. Can be used as a soil replacement to build landscape beds and gardens. Comes in 40# bags.

Mushroom Compost – Gardenscape mushroom compost is collected from mushroom farms. Mushroom compost is a mixture of rich, highly selected ingredients used to grow premium mushroom crops. Once the mushroom crop is harvested the compost is removed but it is still rich enough to be used by gardeners. Mushroom compost can supply nutrients and increase the water holding capacity of the soil. It is best to mix with regular garden soil because the strength of the concentrated nutrients could harm young plants, seedlings and seeds. Mushroom compost is available in 40# bags.