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Active Aqua

Active Aqua Air Pump, 1 Outlet, 2W, 3.2 L/min 

Active Aqua Air Pump, 2 Outlets, 3W, 7.8 L/min

Active Aqua Air Pump, 4 Outlets, 6W, 15 L/min

Active Aqua Air Pump, 8 Outlets, 12W, 25 L/min


Super silent with multi-level muffler
Special synthetic rubber diaphragm provides consistent airflow output which can be easily adjusted with the pressure dial.
Low power consumption

Active Aqua Air Stone, Round, 4" x 1"

Active Aqua Round Air Stone, 8" x 1"

Active Aqua Submersible Pump Filter Bag, 10.5" x 13.125"

Active Aqua Submersible Pump Filter Bag, 6.75" x 9.375"

Raindrip 1/4" Double Barbed Tee 

Raindrip 1/4" Double Barbed Connector

Raindrip 1/4" Double Barbed Elbow  

Raindrip Pressure Compensating Drippers, 2 GPH

Raindrip Pressure Compensating Drippers, 1 GPH

Raindrip Hole Punch and Plugs

EZ Clone

Replacement Water Pump (Mag 925) for EZ Clone 32-Site System, 800 GPH    

Replacement Water Pump (Mag 750) for EZ Clone 32-Site System, 700 GPH 

Replacement Water Pump (Mag 1125) for EZ Clone 128-Site System, 1100 GPH 

After extensive testing by EZ Clone, it has been determined that this pump can be used as a replacement for the 32-site, 64-site, and 128-site EZ Clone systems.

Flood Table

Superior grid pattern design and multi-level drainage channels to promote fast and thorough drainage
Multiple drain positions for versatility in set-ups
Stronger corners and thicker all around than most other brands
Rounded corners for easy cleaning
Gradation inside to accurately assess optimal water level

The Active Aqua line of flood tables, reservoirs, and covers offers features that rival the competition at value prices.

True, full-size dimensions, and volume to provide maximum growing area
Made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for longevity
Stronger corners and thicker walls than any others in their class

Active Aqua Flood Table, Black, 2' x 2'

Active Aqua Flood Table, Black, 2' x 4'

​Active Aqua Flood Table, Black, 4' x 4'